(NEW Deluxe Stupid) Pop EP

by Dick Neptune And The Microwave Ovens



"our sir magnum holland's opus" so far...Dick Neptune and The microwave ovens are here whether you asked for them or not. Their new record "Stupid Pop" takes you into the of odd, fun and downright colorful mind of Dick Neptune and his band of microwave ovens. much like Ween or the vandals before them D.N.M.O definitely are willingn to be adventurous in song subjects no matter how absurd and or silly it may be. The first track "1,000 ROLLIE POLLIES" ring in the circus of absuridty that only a band with this name should. It's fast, joyful romp about an army of Rollie pollies rolling in to rock or roll? ;). There are countless bands in the garage punk psychedelic scene full of fun and odd names but none of them really deliver the cooky personality of the name the way dick neptune demonstrates here.
The second track "KILL MY SHELF" brings the melody and rage to full throttle. It's a thrashy melodic rager about frustration, depression, and the need to clean and redoacorate your room for cathartic purposes. The song unintentionally resembles if dead milkmen and the pixies had a lovechild. You can bang your head all the way to ikea with that one!
"NEW AGE GIRL" A cover of the Dead Eyed Dick tune most famous for it being featured in the film "Dumb and Dumber". This song may be a cover but it demonstrates Dick Neptune's personality in their delivery so well. It's a hooky head bopper that doesn't compromise the tongue in cheek, snarky humor. It almost hints at what a radio rock version of the band could be if radio rock still existed. Vince Walker of Suburban legends bringing the minimal production up to a major label level quality on this rocker.
The songs "Masks/Steve guttenburg Fanclub" and "Aunt Jemima" were recorded live at DiPiazzas in Long Beach. Masks is commentary on how superficial society but delivered like devo and the residents took a giant blow to the head, Steve Guttenburg fan club takes you on an almost rockabily primus number about the single white female personality disorder. How you are so obsessed with someone you want to consume their being entirely and in this case D.N.M.O really want 80's actor form police academy Steve Guttenberg... The EP ends on a live rendition of Dick Neptune's old band "No Brainer"'s Aunt Jemima. Its a jumpy punk rock number about buttering everybody's pancake in town. Dick Neptune proves that you truly will never know where they may take you but that's where the fun lies and thats what may be lacking these days in rock n or roll. There is only one destination and it's to "Rock and Rolly". Strap on a strap on onto your dunce hat and dance with your drool drooling like an idiot. "Its time for STUPID POP! - Dick Neptune's mom


released December 26, 2016

produced by Luchedor Panze
(produced, he had great input) engineered, mixed and nurtured like a lemon tree, and backup vox by Vince Walker

Drums, love, background chants and vox- Andrew Lovelady
Guitar and beautiful vocals- Andrew Pastucha
Bass in yo face, vocals, bass vocals- Joe Rivera
Vocals & Tasmanian Dorkus- Dick Neptune Thompson

Artwork by Gina Green
recorded at Pot of Gold studios in orange, ca
live tracks recorded at DiPiazzas in Long Beach, ca

All songs are written by DICK Neptune and the microwave ovens except
"New age girl" by Dead eyed dick
And "aunt jemima" by no brainer although that's DICK Neptunes old band so eat a fart



all rights reserved


Dick Neptune & The Microwave Ovens California

Dick Neptune& The Microwave Ovens are a punk rock N' Roll band from outer space. Our music can take you to down to earth as well as the deepest most absurd corners of outerspace all the while having a great fucking time! It's only begun...

Andrew Lovelady- Drums
Grand Andrew Stuche- Geetar/Vocals
Joe Rivera- Bass/Vocals
Dick Neptune Thompson- Vocals
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